“The best hobbies are the ones that take us furthest from our primary occupation.”

Vogel on Dexter
Hardware Projects

Breadboard Computer

16 bit computer inspired by Ben Eaters 8 bit breadboard computer. This project consists of the various components found in a CPU expanded to be their own module that will fit into a central bus system.

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Gaming Computer Build

In 2015, after a year working for LookingPoint, I decided that my old Dell desktop I had at home just wasn’t cutting it anymore. My Dell desktop and my Visio laptop had gotten me though years of school work, home work, and some light PC gaming, but it was time to move on. I had graduated college and landed a sweet IT job, so now it was time to graduate to the next level of gaming computer.

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Software Projects

Meraki Device Configuration Script

A python script that uses the Meraki API to scan though an excel workbook and update device attributes and update switchports. Created to speed up the provisioning of new Meraki switches, while at the same time providing a port mapping spreadsheet that can be used during the cutover to the new switches.

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Meraki Client VPN Split-Tunnel Script

Powershell script that Configures a windows client with Meraki ClientVPN configuration details and uses split tunneling.

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