The InterNetwork is a blog about my experiences consulting as a Network Engineer.  With this blog, I will be sharing my understanding of different technology, gotchas and caveats that I will inevitably encounter, and exciting new technology I find.  Most of my posts will be Cisco-centric as I do work for a Cisco Gold Partner and deploy their solutions, however working with companies from the smallest small businesses to enterprise corporations I am exposed to many different products from different vendors.

I started this blog after listening to an episode of PacketPushers where they talked about giving back to the IT community as a whole. Writing blogs and being active on message boards is how many problems get solved. I have used both blogs and answers in forums to solve many solutions over the years, so I felt it was time to give back, so The InterNetwork blog was born. I hope that you get something out my experiences and maybe help solve a problem you may have!

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Catalyst Monitoring on the Meraki Dashboard

You read that right! At Cisco Live this year they introduced the ability to add Catalyst switches to the Meraki dashboard. Finally a use for the unused DNA licenses! The switches are monitored in read-only mode, so you still need to manage the switches the old fashioned way, however Meraki’s traffic analysis and troubleshooting tools … Continue reading Catalyst Monitoring on the Meraki Dashboard

Idea’s that will change how you see Wifi

I recently completed my Ekahau Design training and certification. During the first day of class the instructor went over wireless fundamentals. Now as an experienced wireless engineer most of the topics were ideas that I had already known, however there were a few idea’s that changed the way I understand wireless for the better. Lets … Continue reading Idea’s that will change how you see Wifi

No-NAT’s on HA ASA firewalls: How to break HA (Split Brain Active/Active)

Story Time! Last week I learned the hard way why you should not trust NAT conversion tools when dealing with No-NAT’s on an ASA. To fully understand this story lets back up a bit and Ill give you the high level details. I have been working on a project for the last month or so … Continue reading No-NAT’s on HA ASA firewalls: How to break HA (Split Brain Active/Active)

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