The InterNetwork is a blog about my experiences consulting as a Network Engineer.  With this blog, I will be sharing my understanding of different technology, gotchas and caveats that I will inevitably encounter, and exciting new technology I find.  Most of my posts will be Cisco-centric as I do work for a Cisco Gold Partner and deploy their solutions, however working with companies from the smallest small businesses to enterprise corporations I am exposed to many different products from different vendors.

I started this blog after listening to an episode of PacketPushers where they talked about giving back to the IT community as a whole. Writing blogs and being active on message boards is how many problems get solved. I have used both blogs and answers in forums to solve many solutions over the years, so I felt it was time to give back, so The InterNetwork blog was born. I hope that you get something out my experiences and maybe help solve a problem you may have!

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WiFi Optimization: How to Tune your Wireless Network

With the explosion of wireless technology we have experienced in the last few years, wireless networks are being asked to handled more and more demanding traffic. Between laptops, cell phones, and wireless IoT devices, the importance of having your wireless infrastructure optimized has never been greater. In this post hopefully I will be able to … Continue reading WiFi Optimization: How to Tune your Wireless Network

Physical Security: Often Overlooked and Forgotten

When we think of security the image of firewalls, anti-malware protection, and the latest and greatest in network access control pops in our head.  With Cisco ISE servers providing NAC services, ASAs providing firewalling on our network edge, and AMP for Endpoints providing malware protection on our laptops we think we are secure.  But are … Continue reading Physical Security: Often Overlooked and Forgotten

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