WiFi Optimization: How to Tune your Wireless Network

With the explosion of wireless technology we have experienced in the last few years, wireless networks are being asked to handled more and more demanding traffic. Between laptops, cell phones, and wireless IoT devices, the importance of having your wireless infrastructure optimized has never been greater. In this post hopefully I will be able to … Continue reading WiFi Optimization: How to Tune your Wireless Network

Wireless Fundamentals

Wireless technology to many seems like magic; the ability to connect to the network and get all of the same functionality as a wired connection with the added bonus of being able to walk around without worrying about some cord keeping me tethered down sounds like something out of a JK Rowling book. To many, … Continue reading Wireless Fundamentals

Enabling Management Port in Firepower Threat Defense

This is going to be a quick blog, but I just ran into this issue last night when converting an ASA516-X from standard ASA code, to new Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) code.  Let me first paint the picture; I was converting two ASA's from the old to the new to use in our lab at … Continue reading Enabling Management Port in Firepower Threat Defense

Physical Security: Often Overlooked and Forgotten

When we think of security the image of firewalls, anti-malware protection, and the latest and greatest in network access control pops in our head.  With Cisco ISE servers providing NAC services, ASAs providing firewalling on our network edge, and AMP for Endpoints providing malware protection on our laptops we think we are secure.  But are … Continue reading Physical Security: Often Overlooked and Forgotten

Welcome to the Family: The Catalyst 9200 is Born

Three years ago Cisco introduced the Catalyst 9000 series switches as the next generation of campus switches.  Every Catalyst switch family had an equivalent 9K to replace it; the 3800s were replaced with the 9300, the 4500s were replaced with the 9500, and the long standing 6500 chassis switches were replaced with the 9400.  Cisco … Continue reading Welcome to the Family: The Catalyst 9200 is Born

How Optimized is your Network?

You have been working as a network administrator for your company for a few years now.  In that time you have been asked to complete a handful of network projects; a new office turn up here, replace some switches or a router there.  The whole time you work from old templates or, in the case … Continue reading How Optimized is your Network?

Designing True Out-of-Band Access

We have all been there; sitting down to dinner on a Sunday night, when you get an alert that one of your branches has gone offline.  You politely excuse yourself from the table, open your laptop and start troubleshooting.  The problem, well you can’t access any of the gear to troubleshoot the issue, and the … Continue reading Designing True Out-of-Band Access

Link-State vs Distance Vector: Routing Showdown

In the modern networking world routing protocols fall into two distinct camps, Link-state and Distance Vector. Being a network consultant I often have customers asking me which routing protocol is better so I figure I would create a post comparing the different routing protocols. What makes a routing protocol Link-state vs Distance Vector? The simplest … Continue reading Link-State vs Distance Vector: Routing Showdown

Cisco Live 2019

This year Cisco Live was held in sunny San Diego. Between the breakout sessions, the walk-in labs, and an amazing performance by Weezer and the Foo Fighters, Cisco announced some new products and new certifications. Here is my list of some standout highlights from Cisco live: Certification Overhaul To those who have been tirelessly studying … Continue reading Cisco Live 2019