Cisco SD-WAN PnP Onboarding

Cisco SD-WAN (formally Viptela) is quickly becoming the go to WAN solution for Cisco customers. As companies are looking to replace their aging DMVPN solution, Cisco SD-WAN has become the logical choice. Companies can stick with the same ISR platform running IOS-XE that they already know, and in some cases can upgrade their existing routers … Continue reading Cisco SD-WAN PnP Onboarding

Idea’s that will change how you see Wifi

I recently completed my Ekahau Design training and certification. During the first day of class the instructor went over wireless fundamentals. Now as an experienced wireless engineer most of the topics were ideas that I had already known, however there were a few idea's that changed the way I understand wireless for the better. Lets … Continue reading Idea’s that will change how you see Wifi

WiFi Optimization: How to Tune your Wireless Network

With the explosion of wireless technology we have experienced in the last few years, wireless networks are being asked to handled more and more demanding traffic. Between laptops, cell phones, and wireless IoT devices, the importance of having your wireless infrastructure optimized has never been greater. In this post hopefully I will be able to … Continue reading WiFi Optimization: How to Tune your Wireless Network

Wireless Fundamentals

Wireless technology to many seems like magic; the ability to connect to the network and get all of the same functionality as a wired connection with the added bonus of being able to walk around without worrying about some cord keeping me tethered down sounds like something out of a JK Rowling book. To many, … Continue reading Wireless Fundamentals

Link-State vs Distance Vector: Routing Showdown

In the modern networking world routing protocols fall into two distinct camps, Link-state and Distance Vector. Being a network consultant I often have customers asking me which routing protocol is better so I figure I would create a post comparing the different routing protocols. What makes a routing protocol Link-state vs Distance Vector? The simplest … Continue reading Link-State vs Distance Vector: Routing Showdown

Redundancy in the Cloud: The need for well-designed applications

Both AWS and Azure sell the idea of inherent high-availability and scalability within their cloud services.  Many companies bought into that idea and dove head-first thinking that, once in the cloud, the provider will provide the redundancy natively. With the recent AWS S3 outage many customers learned the hard way that this is not the … Continue reading Redundancy in the Cloud: The need for well-designed applications

Explanation of Access Control Lists

Currently I am working on a project where I am going through and optimizing a large set of Access Control Lists (ACL) on a set of 5585 Firewalls.  While going through these massive lists I have noticed a few mistakes other engineers have made while configuring these rules.  I figured I might as well write … Continue reading Explanation of Access Control Lists