About Me


My name is Trevor Butler and I am a Network Engineer with the company LookingPoint. I live and work in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.  I have my CCNP in route and switch, my CCNA in Wireless, and have a CMNA from Cisco Meraki. I also had an AWS certification as a Solutions Architect, however I let it laps in February 2020. I have been studying for my CCIE in Route and Switch, and switching gears to recertify my AWS certification didn’t make sense.

I have been working in the industry sense 2008; starting as the sole IT tech at my parents small business, as well as doing some freelance work while in college, helping a few local small businesses.  I have been working as a network consultant for LookingPoint sense 2014.

My experiences working as the sole IT individual for my parents business has forced me to learn quickly, and to learn the full IT stack from Help Desk, to Systems, and ofcourse Networking for small businesses. Once I joined LookingPoint it really elevated my skills to the next level. LookingPoint consults with larger enterprise companies, forcing me to learn, design, and configure enterprise solutions.

I have lived in the Bay Area my whole life and have always been fascinated with technology.  When I was in high school I took an intro into networking class and was immediately hooked, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in networking.  Now that I am consulting and getting to work on some extremely diverse networks I am excited to share my experiences and frustrations with you!