How Optimized is your Network?

You have been working as a network administrator for your company for a few years now.  In that time you have been asked to complete a handful of network projects; a new office turn up here, replace some switches or a router there.  The whole time you work from old templates or, in the case … Continue reading How Optimized is your Network?

Designing True Out-of-Band Access

We have all been there; sitting down to dinner on a Sunday night, when you get an alert that one of your branches has gone offline.  You politely excuse yourself from the table, open your laptop and start troubleshooting.  The problem, well you can’t access any of the gear to troubleshoot the issue, and the … Continue reading Designing True Out-of-Band Access

Link-State vs Distance Vector: Routing Showdown

In the modern networking world routing protocols fall into two distinct camps, Link-state and Distance Vector. Being a network consultant I often have customers asking me which routing protocol is better so I figure I would create a post comparing the different routing protocols. What makes a routing protocol Link-state vs Distance Vector? The simplest … Continue reading Link-State vs Distance Vector: Routing Showdown

Cisco Live 2019

This year Cisco Live was held in sunny San Diego. Between the breakout sessions, the walk-in labs, and an amazing performance by Weezer and the Foo Fighters, Cisco announced some new products and new certifications. Here is my list of some standout highlights from Cisco live: Certification Overhaul To those who have been tirelessly studying … Continue reading Cisco Live 2019

Moving Firepower Management Center: Dealing with Licensing Errors

Today I finally got around to re-configuring our Firepower Management Center (FMC) after we moved it from my companies data center to our head office (we were moving servers from a whole subnet over so we recreated the subnet here at the head office and moved the servers over like for like and without the … Continue reading Moving Firepower Management Center: Dealing with Licensing Errors

Redundancy in the Cloud: The need for well-designed applications

Both AWS and Azure sell the idea of inherent high-availability and scalability within their cloud services.  Many companies bought into that idea and dove head-first thinking that, once in the cloud, the provider will provide the redundancy natively. With the recent AWS S3 outage many customers learned the hard way that this is not the … Continue reading Redundancy in the Cloud: The need for well-designed applications

Deploying AMP for Endpoints

Recently I deployed Cisco’s AMP for Endpoints for a 50-user organization.  For the uninitiated, AMP for Endpoints is Cisco’s cloud based, enterprise grade, advanced malware protection software that is deployed to each end device in the network.  Each endpoint reports back to the central cloud controller and is managed by the controller.  Cisco integrated AMP … Continue reading Deploying AMP for Endpoints

2016 Brings New Additions to the Meraki Family

Cisco Meraki has been working hard to expand their portfolio of cloud controlled devices this year with VOIP phones and IP security cameras.  Customers who currently have a Meraki network will be glad to hear that both phones and security cameras are configured in the same dashboard we are all familiar with.  Both devices are … Continue reading 2016 Brings New Additions to the Meraki Family